About Advanced Construction & Excavation

We’ve been proudly serving our Orcas Island community since 1997. In those 25 years, we’ve built strong relationships with contractors- our goal has always been to create comradery instead of competition. We want to make our customers’ experience as smooth as possible- our long lasting community connections make it easy.

These morals come from our founder’s four generation history on Orcas Island. We know the island way, and we know how to get the best service for our island clients.

Our work allows us to solve all kinds of problems. We love the artistry involved with turning a dirt path into a gorgeous landscaping project, and love the feeling of helping someone solve their drainage issues by installing high quality drain systems.

To experience our great customer service, high quality and reliable work, and community connections contact us today for a free quote.

Our Services

Yard Drainage Systems

We solve drainage issues: Curtain drains, perimeter drains, infiltration gardens/trenches.


Let us take care of the site development for your new home or commercial building.


Perfect for accenting your natural landscape with durable rock walls and well drainage designs.

Residential Remodels

Call us for a quote on full remodels with everything from new insulation to new appliances.

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